Blum Aventos Basics


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  • Includes all drilling
    • HF & HF Servo - Allows for different arm lengths
    • HK-XS
    • HK-S
    • HK & HK Servo
    • HK-Top & HK-Top Servo
    • HL & HL Servo - Allows for different arm lengths
    • HS & HS Servo
  • Basic outline of hardware
  • Basic Reporting
    • No automatic allocation of arm lengths
    • No automatic allocation of mechanism power factors
    • Suggested Aventos Load Factor (LF) Attribute on Door
    • Door Weight Attribute on Door
  • UCS / Library part solution


  • Download for Cabinet Vision Version 12 & Version 2021
  • Not suitable for Solid Essential or Solid Standard

Support Packages

  • Support Product - Joinery IT.cvc
  • Support products are free of charge and add to the cart automatically

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Solid Drafter, Solid Advanced, Solid Ultimate

Downloads Available

JIT-Aventos Basic for CV12, JIT-Aventos Basic for CV2021

Package Type

UCS, Library Parts

Self Install


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