Exposed Cabinet Rails for Handle-less Fronts


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  • Cabinet Rail material is selected using Frame Parts in the assembly schedule
    • Use any material - 2 Pac MDF, Melamine and Solid Timber
  • 1 piece rail for Sage Mitre Handle Door
  • 2 piece rail for Handle-less Fronts
    • 2 piece rail has an option to combine the 2 rails and split after edge banding
  • Automatic Drawer Clearances and Mid Rail Offsets
  • Switch On/Off for the job - No need to replace cabinets if your client changes their selection back to regular handles
  • Support for both Vertical and Horizontal Grained Ends
  • Option to leave a wee bit on for Mid Rails (making it easier to band Ends and Partitions - post clean up with a trimmer)


  • Downloads for Cabinet Vision Version 11 & Version 12
  • Not suitable for Solid Essential or Solid Standard
  • Tested in CV2021
    • Works as in CV12
    • NEW Shadowline Rail feature in CV2021 means the method used in this app is not required to achieve Profile Rails in CV

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Not Recommended for CV2021, Solid Drafter, Solid Advanced, Solid Ultimate

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