Hafele A Book – Hailo Laundry Carrier


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  • Hailo Laundry Carrier-45 (66 litre capacity)
  • Hailo Laundry Carrier-60 (80.5 litre capacity)
  • Hailo Laundry Carriers incorporate their own 70 kg Nova Pro Smooth runners
  • The lid sits on metal lugs and doubles as a shelf


  • Download Cabinet Vision Version 12 & Version 2021
  • Not suited to Solid Essential and Solid Standard

Informations complémentaires


Solid Essential (Limited), Solid Standard (Limited), Solid Drafter, Solid Advanced, Solid Ultimate

Téléchargements disponibles

JIT-Hailo Laundry Carrier for CV12, JIT-Hailo Laundry Carrier for CV2021

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Material Manager Models



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