What makes CV App Store Apps better than other options?

Our Ethos…

We like to keep it simple – Our moto is to stick with the KISS theory.

IE: If Cabinet Vision software can do something well, why even create an app right..? We have found customer systems that run slowly because the development is stuck in the past, trying to support what an old version of Cabinet Vision could do. As each new version of Cabinet Vision is released our vendors test to see their packages are still required to do the stuff they do. Sometimes we edit how much the app does when features in the new version can take parts of the function over. This way Cabinet Vision can run as efficiently as possible on your work-stations.

Examples where we may differ compared with older support models…

  • We support the use of Cabinet Vision operations on adjustable shelves
  • We support the use of Cabinet Vision operations, intelli-joints and hardware being applied to parts via the Assembly Construction

Take a look at our Auto-Shaped Parts for Corner 90 Cabinets App – Select rounded or scalloped default and Cabinet Vision operations find the correct edge automatically.

Are the apps hard to install?


We provide a detailed guide on how to install them. Each app takes about 5 minutes to import and about 5 minutes for the post import clean up.

Will the apps set up ok in another version of Cabinet Vision?

In an earlier version…


In a later version…

Often they do. For example, our CV10 Apps all work in CV11. However, most of the apps have a new download for CV12 to match new construction features.

So moving forward, as each app is tested in a new version we will update the compatibility in each apps description.

What's the difference between Support, UCS, Material Manager Models, Library Parts and Basic package types?


These packages contain items that may be required to support several other apps on the store. UCS and catalogs etc… We’ll include them on check out for free.


UCS packages are able to add intelligence to parts and assemblies.

Material Manager Models

Elite packages are designed to report all components (Like rail sets etc) and use models from the Material manager

Library Parts

Older style packages report only a standard range of components and use Library Parts from the Vendor Catalog. This is how we did things before the advent of Cabinet Vision’s Material Manager in Version 9.


Basic packages don’t always report (some do) and don’t have models set up. They do drill everything for CNC. Their simple design help to keep your system running as fast as possible…

What happens when my app gets an update - Do I have to buy it again?

Absolutely not…

No, you won’t have to buy it again. Once you buy a product, there is no end date for the download. You will keep access to subsequent versions of the package also.

However, if the hardware changes…

Similar hardware may be set up as a different product. A recent example of this the old Wingline. There is a new Wingline L product with push to open – It will be a different product.

I'm using Solid Essential/Solid Standard. Do you have packages?

Solid Essential

Yes, we have apps to suit Solid Essential. Contact us on info@joineryit.co.nz and we’ll send you a password so you can browse them here on the site.

Solid Standard

Yes, we have apps to suit Solid Standard. They are available for apps where the compatibility indicates Solid Standard or Solid Standard (Limited). We prepare these on request.

I'm upgrading to Solid Advanced. Will my packages from Solid Essential/Solid Standard still work?

Solid Essential

Upgrade your package for the price difference. We have matching packages that add vendors and UCS support

Solid Standard

Upgrade your package for the price difference. We have matching packages that add UCS support.

Terms of Sale

​Purchasing Company…

Our apps are intended for use by the company purchasing the app. Giving the package away to your friends will mean our vendors no longer have the ability to support the app into future versions of Cabinet Vision, nor to get any feedback that could help improve the performance of the app.


For some companies we understand that customising the app might be neccessary. If you feel the app needs enhancement, we’re happy to take a look with you. Your ideas could be included in the app so you’re be able to get future updates without the need to “re-customise” things.

In short though, customisation of the apps is not recommended and responsibility ultimately falls on your company for future updates.

Future App Updates…

Our Vendors intention is to maintain apps in future versions.

Where possible this will be available as a free download.

When Cabinet Vision features include what the app was originally designed to do, the app may be retired.

We recommend you look at turning off apps that have been retired…

One example we have: The UCS that half checked shelves and dividers to make a wine rack. A better, more flexible solution is the use of ‘Shoe Cubbies’ instead.