Blum MERIVOBOX drawer system


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Drawer package for CABINET VISION software


  • NEW soft-close drawer system
  • Full program guide schedule
  • Localised guide schedule for Blum in New Zealand (Blum NZ)
  • Sink drawers
  • Drawer Kitset - Indent Codes for ordering to be added soon (Blum NZ)
  • Blum retail prices to be added soon - Edit to suit your own needs (Blum NZ)
  • Customise SPACE TOWER to suit your needs
    • Attach inner drawer to outer fronts


  • Download for CABINET VISION version 2022.4, version 2023.2 and version 2023.4

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New Zealand and South Pacific Island Customers

This package is included free while your software maintenance (SMA) is current with Joinery IT Limited. Contact us to get it.


Additional information


All license configurations in CV 2022.4 and later

Downloads Available

DWR-Blum Merivobox for CV 2022.4, DWR-Blum Merivobox for CV 2023.2, DWR-Blum Merivobox for CV 2023.4

Package Type

Material Manager Models

Self Install