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Handle-less solution for CABINET VISION software

NOTE: You must be using CABINET VISION version 2022.4 or later


This package replaces former "Profile Rail", "Exposed Cabinet Rail", and "Strip Handle" packages from CV 12 (and earlier)
  • Switch On/Off for the job - No need to replace cabinets if your client changes their handle selection
Activate by selecting Pull Schedule for Job, Room or Assembly
  • Finger Pull Miter Door Edge (Miter shaped edge band to match)
  • Finger Pull C-Rail Hardware (30mm, 31mm, 32mm, 35mm, 36mm, 38mm)
  • Shadowline Rail 1 Piece
    • Also activated with "Miter Door Edge"
  • Shadowline Rail L-Shaped
    • Rail and Edge. C-Shaped Rail "on the fly"
    • Option to cut L-Shaped rail as "one piece" (Rail and Edge sizes in part comment for cutting after piece is banded)
  • Shadowline Channel (follow user guide to customise your size)
    • Outer Channel: 46mm x 25mm L-Channel supplied
    • Mid Channel: 56mm x 25mm C-Channel supplied
Also included in the package
  • Euro Cabinet assembly construction
    • Initially, this package will only work with the 'Euro Cabinets' assembly construction
    • Includes conditions set up for Shadowline
    • Activates some UCS
  • Edged Slab door
    • Finger Pull profile: Miter Door Edge included
    • Finger Pull activated on this door in the UCS


  • Download for CABINET VISION version 2022.4

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  • Support Product - CV App Store Library Parts Catalog
  • Support Products are free of charge

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All license configurations in CV 2022.4 and up

Downloads Available

JIT-Shadowline and more-2022.4.622_01, JIT-Shadowline Channel Material-2022.4.622_01

Package Type

UCS, Assembly Construction, Material Schedules, Material Manager Models

Self Install

Yes (You will need to refer to the User Guide for modifications)

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