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UCS package for CABINET VISION software


  • Part Attributes to...
    • Delete system connectors from any edge
    • Replace system connectors on any edge
    • Add connectors to selected edge
  • This app adds the flexibility you want (Or used to have with that smart drilling/Intelli-Joint UCS)
    • Any part shape or number of edges
    • Report connectors accurately
  • Compliments features in CV
    • Works well with the Joinery IT Scratch Database
    • Use Connection Sets for Default Connections in the Assembly Manager
    • This UCS does the tricky stuff
  • Connector materials included
    • Cabinet Screw
    • Cabineo
    • Cabineo (flush - includes shaped route)
    • Cabineo (flush cap - shaped route size of cap)
    • 8mm Confirmat Screw
    • 8mm Dowel
    • Minifix Cam (34mm bolt)
    • Clamex P14
    • Divario P18
    • Rafix 20
    • Rafix Outrigger Cam
    • System 32 Bracket
    • Keku Push
    • Keku Suspension
    • Knapp 5061 Clip
    • Knapp 5062 Clip
    • Knapp 5063 Clip
  • NEW FEATURE in CV 2023.2 add dado to and edge
    • Qualified Blind Dado
    • Blind Dado
    • Stopped Dado
    • Through Dado


  • Download for CABINET VISION version 2022.4 and version 2023.2, 2023.3, 2023.4
    • Package needs update to align with appropriate build 2023.2-2023.4
    • Overwrite or remove older UCS (Keep edited material ID for Connector List)
  • Works with all license configurations
  • Add your own connectors into the UCS easily
  • Compatible Assembly Construction available in Shadowline Channel and more package (Highly Recommended)

New Zealand and South Pacific Island Customers

This package is included free while your software maintenance (SMA) is current with Joinery IT Limited. Contact us to get it.

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any Connector any Edge for CV2022.4, any Connector any Edge for CV2023.2, any Connector any Edge for CV2023.3, any Connector any Edge for CV2023.4