Adjustable Shelf Pin Options


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Package for CABINET VISION software


  • Selecting a default shelf support type adjusts the default linebore position
  • Customise the number of holes on each shelf
  • Notch the shelf to recess the pin (Option)
  • Center the pin on the shelf so you can groove the shelf later (Option)
  • Drill shelf for earthquake pins (Option)
  • Control shelf hole and shelf notch sizes via UCS Public Variables
  • Create and report your own shelf support materials
  • Package adds a shelf support to each linebore
  • Front and Rear set-back for Bore to End (New in CV12 download)

Boring Method

  • Method used - CABINET VISION linebore 'Bore only required holes'
  • Easy to follow steps - Set up in your existing construction


  • Download for CABINET VISION version 2021 and version 2022
  • Suitable for all licenses


Additional information


Solid Drafter, Solid Advanced, Solid Ultimate, All license configurations for CV2021 and later

Downloads Available

JIT-Adjustable Shelf Pin Options for CV12, JIT-Adjustable Shelf Pin Options for CV2021.1, JIT-Adjustable Shelf Pin Options for CV2022.1

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Self Install


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Joinery IT

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