Adjustable Shelf Pin Options


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Package for CABINET VISION software


  • Selecting a default shelf support type adjusts the default linebore position
  • Adj Shelf Bore (Repeat) attribute - edit number of holes on each shelf
  • Adj Shelf Bore (Spacing) attribute - added in CV 2023.2
  • Adj Shelf Bore (Front Set-back) attribute - added in CV 12
  • Adj Shelf Bore (Rear Set-back) attribute - added in CV 12
  • Option to notch the shelf to recess the pin
  • Option to center the pin on the shelf so you can groove the shelf later
  • Option to drill shelf for earthquake pins
  • Public Variables to control shelf hole and shelf notch sizes
  • Create and report your own shelf support materials
    • Package adds a shelf support to each linebore

Boring Method Supported

  • CABINET VISION --> Operations --> Line Boring = 'Bore required holes'
    • User guide contains easy to follow steps - Set up in your existing construction to use 'Bore required holes'


  • Download for CABINET VISION version 2022.4, version 2023.2 and version 2023.4
  • Suitable for all licenses configurations

New Zealand and South Pacific Island Customers

This package is included free while your software maintenance (SMA) is current with Joinery IT Limited. Contact us to get it.

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Solid Drafter, Solid Advanced, Solid Ultimate, All license configurations in CV2021 and later

Downloads Available

JIT-Adjustable Shelves for CV 12, JIT-Adjustable Shelves for CV 2021.1, JIT-Adjustable Shelves for CV 2022.1, JIT-Adjustable Shelves for CV 2022.4, JIT-Adjustable Shelves for CV 2023.2, JIT-Adjustable Shelves for CV 2023.4

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Self Install