TEVA – Annotations for TEVA


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  • This package will create the annotation in CV that will be used by TEVA to generate the simplified OBJECT TREE
  • Provide the info to generate the object tree in TEVA
  • Provide dimensions of parts and assemblies in TEVA

TEVA stands for Technical Validation, it is a web-based online 3D project viewer for kitchen & woodwork manufacturers.
Living in the digital era, working remotely and going paperless are becoming standard. TEVA is a great solution for reviewing technical project plans between professionals, production, manufacturing, follow-up and on-site installation.

Export your 3D project from Cabinet Vision, upload to the TEVA website, share your project to anyone that is required to see it. Easy.


  • Minimum requirement is VOK file creation
    • Working with CV2021 Core *Cabinets xRendering
    • Working with CV2021 Core *Closets xRendering
    • Working with CV11 and CV12 using VOK file
  • Standalone and network installs OK

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