Smart Sub-Assemblies

Package for CABINET VISION software
  • Cad to show Case Open ID Numbers
  • UCS to size and position sub-assemblies in your chosen Case Opening
  • UCS to make CV Operations Global from Sub-Assembly to Host-Assembly


  • Download for CABINET VISION version 2022.1, version 2023.2 and version 2023.4
  • Suitable for all licenses

Support Packages

  • Support Product – Custom Library
  • Support products are free of charge and add to the cart automatically

Additional information


Suitable for all license configurations

Downloads Available

UCS-Sub-Assemblies for CV12, UCS-Sub-Assemblies for 2021.1, UCS-Sub-Assemblies for CV2022.1, UCS-Sub-Assemblies for CV2023.2, UCS-Sub-Assemblies for CV2023.4

Package Type

UCS, Library Part

Self Install